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Hi all, and sorry for totally abandoning you for months.

I have made a decision. As a Sudra will be merged with my Finnish blog, Sudrana. Be sure to update your bookmarks and/or feed orders.

Effective five minutes ago, so go there!


I am so sorry for abandoning you all :(
I am back, though, and try to update this blog every now and then again. Let's start of with a pair of socks, they are so me.

Curry and turmeric (Ravelry)
Pattern: My own basic sock, 72 stitches, french heel
Size: Around 44 (dad)
Yarn: Handmaiden Casbah, colorway Masala, 112 grams
Needles: Knit Pro Symfonie, 2.25 mm

I started these last Thursday, when our knitting group held an extra meeting to honour a guest, Glittrgirl, from the UK. I love Casbah so much, it is so smooth, round and properly twisted. I also love the colour with all its carrot-y shades and energetic teals.

Dad will be getting these for Christmas.



On Etsy…

…but now as an seller. Go visit, if you happen to need (or want) a brooch, a fridge magnet, a hair clip…!


More to come later on. Go check it out!


Greetings from the woods

We spent the weekend at my parents’ summer place and hopefully future residence .It was so relaxing I can’t even begin to describe it. The weather was HOT, the sun was shining and all you could hear was birds tweeting, mosquitos buzzing and occationally the coffee machine.

In the picture above is the outhouse, of course. It was the first building my father built there when they bought the lot.

The rhubarb was about to bloom. I sliced some rhubarb to bring home with me – I plan on making a pie next week.

The closest lake is about two miles from our place, but we went there to feel the breeze (we hoped) and rest our eyes on the shimmering water.

The main building is slowly getting ready. My dad builds it pretty much on his own, on the weekends and holidays. By the four of us we could finally carry the wood-burning stove inside from the trailer. It weighed something around 200 kilograms, at least that is what my dad said. Here it is, in their future kitchen, with its new friend and neighbor, the electric stove.

My dad also drained the well so he can wash it – I didn’t realize that needs to be done every year! I was asleep on the garden swing while he was working hard with the well.

The permanent water pump will be assembled this fall and then they will get running water too. Next weekend an elecrician will be there to continue his work and they hope to gat the electric stove working.

Next summer the balcony will probably get built and we will finish painting the front of the house.

I did not knit one row whil there. It was a vacation from that, too. Instead I drank some sparkling wine, burnt my scalp, read comic books, played with my mum’s cat, slept well and loved my life.



My first adult-sized blanket is ready and I am thrilled!

It took 1200 grams of worsted-weight cotton and around 70 hours of my time and I love it.

Also note that the birch tree in the background has full-sized leaves. Summer! Lori, now the lilacs are blooming here :)


Paper buttons?

Did you know you can use recycled paper to finish off your nxt cardi or bag? Check out these fantastic paper buttons from Etsy. Not only are they ecological and innovative, they’re damn fine-looking!

Another advertisement – not paid, though :) – if you carry any knitting or crocheting around, you’ll definitely want to check out Zigzagstitches on Etsy. I’ve bought maybe five of these boxy bags for myself (and my boyfriend, as they arre great for cosmetic bags etc. too!) and one for a Secret Pal gift.

I also strongly rely on her Sock and Go Mini Case:

It’s lightly padded but still very thin.

I only have 2½ weeks of work left. Anyone want to hire a knitter? I am willing to relocate, but I do need to get a salary :D



My (hopefully) future mother-in-law taught me to broomstick crocheting a couple of years back. I have used it to make a large triangle scarf for my mum, but that’s it.

I happened to have a ball of bamboo silk sock yarn, hand-dyed by Handu, and knitting socks out of it didn’t inspire me one bit. Oh well, I thought, mum will surely appreciate another scarf for her birthday late this month…

I am using a 5 mm hook and one knitting needle, size 20 mm. 40 stitches across. It is very airy and somehow subtle, like cherry flowers or something.



Thank you, Lori, for being a friend!


Blogging is weird – in a good way! Suddenly I find myself having a friend in France.
I want to pass this on to Amimonogatari and Marjut. Both ladies have ways of inspiring me and I also have the pleasure of eating cake with them once a month :)

Here’s something I am making for our little home. I messed up with the crocheting terms as I didin’t realize they are different in the UK from the ones used in the US. But no worries, it still is sort of a square-ish and will be perfect little blanket for our sofa anyway.

On Saturday we went for a little hike in the forest and also walked to the shore for some more bird pics. These are by my boyfriend.

I may not be a bird per se but he took a few pictures of me too :)


Seagulls and acid socks

I had a great time yesterday as I walked down to the shore to photograph seagulls.

The sky was incredibly blue, sun was shining and the birds were already waiting for me.

Ok, I admit, I gave them food. Many people hate seagulls, but to me they are a deear sign of home and summer.

And then to the socks.


Acid Oil Spills (Link guides to the Ravelry project page)
Pattern: Hidden Path 
Size: Around 40
Yarn: Wollmeise 100 % Superwash, yarn club colour Okzident
Needles: Knit Pro 2 mm


They were a superfast project, even though the needles were tiny. I love the river at the back of the leg. The pattern is very well written. I will make many more of these.

I got an blog award from Lori, thank you! I will post about it soon.


Clown barf socks

Pattern: Own plain vanilla sock
Size: ~44, European
Needles: 3,0 mm Knit Pro
Yarns: Nalle Colori and Lanett (held double)

Ugh. I am taking part in a Finnish charity campaign. We knit socks for people in the margins of society, mainly for the homeless. The socks are distributed through a very well-known organization, which for ages was a one-man struggle against poverty and prejudices. Now the founder’s son has taken over the work after his father died. They serve food and shelter and socks will be very welcome.

I’ve knit two pairs now and will try to make a couple of more pairs. I know the clown barf socks are ugly as hell but I hope the colors will be appreciated by someone whose world lacks colors as it is.


Million pictures of a spicy river

Pattern: Popped!
Yarn: Handmaiden Casbah
Needles: Knit Pro 2,5 mm

To me these socks are turmeric and curry, flowing rivers of Indian spices. I love the color!.


I also love the pattern. I used the first (free) version of the pattern and just now noticed the new (nearly free) version being available. I managed fine with the free one, but if you feel intimitated by turning heels and so on, maybe you want to spend four dollars on more detailed version of the pattern.

I love the subtle changes in teh yellow. Notice how different the sole looks from the twisted upper side of the foot.

I only knit two repetitions of the chart for the leg as I was worried I’d run out of yarn.

I still have plenty of yarn, of course.

I wonder who on my gift list would be worth a pair of golden socks…

No, really, I need to think about foot circumpherence as these really won’t stretch at all. Maybe my sister will be the one to get these.


Easter greetings

Never mind chocolates, I have been spoiled with five new skeins of Wollmeise.

Single Malt and Honigtöpfchen – the honey pot.



Frosch – Frog.

Here they are, posing together.

I love how the Rhabarber goes with Okzident, which is from the sock club March shipment.


Sneaky rivers

I received a ball of BC Garn’s sock yarn in the last shipment of a Finnish yarn club last fall. 50 grams is not that much, so I chose to use the yarn for sneakers.

I can’t claim they are pretty, but they sure are unique and energetic :)

I did not like the yarn. There was a plastic-y feel to it. I was sure glad to see it pooled, it made the knitting way more fun.


Yarn: BC Garn Sock, colorway “River”, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Devon
Needles: Suzanne’s rosewood, 2.5 mm
Pattern: My own, see Ravelry: Saami Sneakers.